Sunday, January 20th, 2019


Any standard interior wood can be used for your french doors. You will findimages88 that your typical french doors are made of various types or wood like mahogany, oak, and spanish cedar to name a few. Just like with anything else in your home, your french wood doors can be made to your liking or you can pick one out that has already been made.


An oak french door will enhance the appearance and the value of your home. All varieties of oak are considered a hardwood and one of the most desirable choices of wood used for making french doors. Your white oak is considered your best all around wood and the lumber comes mainly from the South and has a pale yellowish-brown color. White oak can be finished natural or with a variety of stains. Red oak has a very pronounced grain pattern and has great strength and wearability with its strong grain pattern. It has a very uniformed reddish tan to brownish color and takes stain very well to match almost any color you choose.


Cherry wood darkens with light exposure and with age, but it resists warping. Cherry is one of the most sought after types of wood for fine furniture. Cherry wood staines and sands well and is of medium strength and density.


While pine french doors are popular, you have to be careful of the stain you use. Pine stains in a blotchy manner. Some people like to use redwood stain on there pine but you must be careful of the species and grain pattern of your pine. 


Mahogony is a tropical wood that is quite durable and will rarely warp. Itmahogony appears red to brown in color. This type of wood is typically used on exterior french doors since the glass stain options really accent the wood.

If you are looking to purchase your traditional wood interior french doors you will need to do some basic upkeep to keep them looking their best. You want to have them stained in a natural wood color to keep their natural look. You want to keep them coated with wood sealer to protect them from moisture and damage over time.