Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Sliding Doors

The sliding french doors are a big attraction. Other than justimagesCAP1O9AZ for convenience, sliding doors give you the option of opening any space and making it look more beautiful in your home, office, or wherever you are interested in having them. There are four types of sliding french doors you can consider:


Steel sliding french doors require little upkeep and give you extra security. While traditional wood doors are beautiful and very popular, as with anything made of wood they are prone to warping with time. Steel french doors simply require that you keep the slider track clean and lubricated.

Solid Paned

Another form of the sliding french doors are ones with solid paned windows in the door. Your traditional french doors have smaller square panes with wood dividers, but more contemporary french doors have a solid window in each door. This allows for maximum lighting in your rooms. Solid paned french doors are easy to maintain and are not as hard to keep clean.


Today french doors are available with blinds encased between the two layers of glass. These blinds are made of either wood, cloth, or steel and are easy to open and close. This is a great option if you think you may want to keep a little more privacy. You do not have to worry about cleaning the blinds since they are inside the two layers of glass.


A newer type of the sliding french door is that of a combination door. On one side of the door, it has the appearance of traditional hinged french doors with multiple square panes in a wood framing. On the other side it looks like any traditional sliding door. This side is either single or multi-paned and is the primary door used for the sliding.


Fiberglass sliding doors are strong as they are beautiful. You can have them custom made and delivered to your home. They are great for saving energy and are known for their durability.