Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Prehung French Doors

Prehung french doors are ideal for new construction or if your existing frames are damaged. Prehung doors consist of a door frame made of a jamb stock where the hinges have been mortised prior to its intallation. By purchasing prehung doors you are really cutting your costs. They are the easiest and quickest way to go when buyin interior doors.

When frames have been damaged or you find that there are just too many layers of paint on them, prehung is great way to go. Over time, door openings will settle and become longer, staighter, and square. With custom prehung french doors, this problem can be resolved. All french doors are available in prehung door units.


With the custom built prehung doors, the frames can be lowered to decrease the gaps under the door and a larger casing can be installed to cover a lowering frame. Prehung doors offer square frames, door openings and new door jams if needed, making for easier installation.

No matter what your particular reason for wanted to have prehung french doors, they are great for giving your home a new and fresh look.