Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Pocket French Doors

Pocket french doors are great space savers for your home. These are great if you have limited space in your home because they slide into a wall instead of opening on a hinge, much like a sliding door. When they are open they are completely out of the way, and when you close them you can completely close off that room. French pocket doors are great because you can close them and still have the lighting in the rooms. They block sound without blocking the light.

Using pocket doors in your home are also good for use with handicapped access and moving furniture. The more your space in your home is limited, the more you will notice how much space you can save with your pocket french door.

Pocket doors are used more and more these days when renovating smaller homes such as townhomes and condos. They give you a clean, uncluttered look and save a lot of room.

Here are some examples of pocket french doors used in homes.


You can get your pocket doors with a single or double door, but for larger rooms you should get the double doors. They will look so elegant as you can see.