Wednesday, April 14th, 2021

Interior French Doors

french1A french door is a double door with multiple glass panes that fill the door’s entire length. They are very beautiful and a great addition to any home. The concept originating behind the idea of a french door became popular in the later 1600′s and was designed to allow more light to travel throughout any home, mansion, or castle that we build.

The first interior french doors that were built were actually french windows, which are window casements with of course multiple glass panes. The idea of a french door was fastly adapted to the interior of a home and became a modernly used luxery.

Interior french doors have a very romantic charm and the option gives you various designs to choose from. Glass panes are the most important factor in your french doors. There are numerous glass pane options including bevelled, stained, grooved, etched and frosted, and even color glass stains to allow you to  personalize to look of your doors.

When you are out looking to buy french doors, you can get a little antsy because there are so many manufacturers out there provide french doors. Sometimes you may find that they are only providing french doors that have half length glass panes in them, which is fine if you choose, but it is not the original french door.

Whether you are building a new home or simply updating your current home, interior french doors can be a great addition for adding romantic and luxurious look and feel. Interior french doors are also being used more and more for room dividers and adding extra dimension to your home.

French doors are usually paired and hinged, but new designs have come about allowing you to make your french doors even more unique. You have the option of folding doors, expanding windows, and even sliding doors!